Frequently Asked Questions about Bridgit

We get it: Trying a new web extension — especially one that will change how you consume online content of all things (!) — can seem pretty daunting.

So we get a lot of questions. Here’s a quick rundown of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I install Bridgit?

Bridgit’s Alpha is available on the Chrome web store.

How does Bridgit work?

Bridgit functions as an overlay over your favorite sites and platforms. Once you install Bridgit and create an account, you can start building and following bridges.

Check out our user demo below:

What are bridges?

Bridges are connections between text passages, images, and more on web pages. Bridges can be supporting, contradictory, or express other relationships. Bridges transmit information and context just like the synaptic connections of the human brain.

How are bridges different than links?

Unlike links that connect web pages, bridges create relationships between specific pieces of content. And because there can be tens or even hundreds of bridges for any piece of content, Bridges provide 360-degree context for any idea.

What’s the benefit of bridging?

Bridges advances the way the world views, shares, and engages with information on the web through community participation. When you build a bridge, you’re adding context and background to online content.

What else can Bridgit do?

There’s so much more to Bridgit than creating bridge connections. Here’s just a taste of what you can do with Bridgit’s first Chrome extension:

  • Make notes to add context for you or other users.
  • Flag disinformation in Bridgit’s CrowdFact mode.
  • Follow content elements to stay on top of your areas of interest.

How can I fact-check with Bridgit?

Bridgit enables users to verify, refute, and source ideas and news. Users can both create fact-checking connections and use them to verify stories they read.

Why should I bridge?

Well, for one, you earn rewards for building valuable bridges!

There are lots of other benefits for our active bridge-building users too:

  • Be an early influencer on the next very-big-deal platform
  • Get an early Bridgit #… Make 7 bridges and secure your Bridgit #
  • Archive all the cool information you find on the web
  • Connect the dots of your informal or formal research
  • Clarify the context of what you find and share feedback
  • Do your part to build the world’s collective knowledge base
  • Collaborate in guilds, teams, or informally on building context-rich knowledge graphs for your areas of interest
  • Build the contextual data for next generation devices

Why wouldn’t I want to use search engines anymore?

Search engines rely on weighted algorithms and advertisements to connect users with content. Bridgit decentralizes information with more efficient connections between online content.

What’s the Bridgit Portal for?

Your Bridgit Portal is your hub for all your bridges and activity. It’s your home base for things like:

  • Browsing bridges made by all your fellow Bridgit users
  • Reviewing your bridges on your personal dashboard
  • Reviewing notifications and follows
  • Finding your personal Bridgit #
  • Referring your friends and colleagues with the Referral Link on your dashboard
  • Bridgit Alpha feedback

Connecting the World with Context. Bridgit is a web overlay that advances the way the world exchanges information on the web. Try our Chrome extension today!

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